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Sunday, March 12, 2006

We pause from this food blog

To shout out to the Memphis Tigers, who earned their No. 1 seed in the NCCA tournament. A source of speculation ever since conference play began, this is a well-deserved reward and I hope the Tigers play up to their potential and win the whole dang thing.

While I am a Vandy grad, I was raised to cheer for both schools, with my dad a Commodore alum and my mom an MSU grad. I'm one of those cantankerous folks who still calls it "Memphis State," bless my heart. I remember the anguish in '85 when the Tigers lost to Villanova one game away fr the national championship, back in the era of Keith Lee, William Bedford, Vincent Askew and the rest....this is all before Dana Kirk left in disgrace. Oh, and convicted of tax evasion. Oops.

But back to the hardwood....These guys have been an exceptional team with heart and soul to spare. Here's to a run to the Final Four!


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