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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blog lite

OK normally I never do this kind of stuff, but when my boss tagged me I reconsidered. Also, I got to thinking -- I wasn't sure at first that I had even had a TOTAL of four jobs in my life, never mind more. I have finally thought of five, but I only held one for two weeks. (Please comment if you know somewhere else I've actually been employed.) So the oddity of making it to be 34 years old and only having five jobs made me change my mind about this.

Four jobs I've had: Cashier @ Piggly Wiggly, typist at airplane repair facility, communications coordinator at Tennessee Society of CPAs, director of content. (Please note, I really think that's every paying job I've ever had except my current one. I am unsure....I MIGHT have had a part-time job one summer in college while I was taking summer school. I can't remember if it was volunteer or pay. Of course, I started my current job in July 1994. So maybe that's not so weird.)

Four movies I can watch over and over: The American President, You've Got Mail, Sabrina, Sweet Home Alabama (See, this is why I don't answer these questionnaires. I'm revealed for the sap that I am.)

Four TV shows I love to watch: West Wing, Jag, Numbers, Grey's Anatomy

Four places I've been on vacation: Sri Lanka, Destin, Grand Tetons, Cherokee, NC

Four favorite dishes: Well this is really hard. I'm not sure I can answer this but I'll try. Beef stroganoff, sausage dip (it's really junk-food and sinful; don't ask), tomato sandwiches, great cornbread

Four websites I visit daily: Well, I have an RSS reader, too, but I still visit these sites every day:, CNN, NYT, Tennessean

Where would I rather be: Destin, Grand Tetons, Hilton Head, at a Cardinals game


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