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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Chocolate-covered cherries: Check

They're happening, folks. I have the maraschinos on a cookie sheet right now and the fondant is "resting" for its 1-hour break. In just a few minutes I have to go find room in the fridge for 90 fondant-covered cherries overnight. Hahahahahahha. I really need to save up for a second refrigerator. Mine is so stuffed right now.

These cherries are coming to us courtesy of friend and neighbor Jeff Ockerman, who had paraffin. I looked and looked at the local Kroger today but couldn't find a canning section. Jeff's wife Ann says that the Kroger up the road has one, but by then (this discussion was taking place after the 4 p.m. Christmas Eve church service) it was almost too late to get anywhere else to look, though I was about to try. Jeff ran to his house and one box of paraffin later, we're in business. (If you've not made these before at home, you add just a little bit of paraffin to make the chocolate set and harden. A small but essential ingredient.)

Recipe and photo to follow tomorrow afternoon. Merry Christmas!


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