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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Best week of the year

Well I know I do love my summer vegetables, but hands down, the best culinary week of the year must be this one. And part of it is because Thanksgiving gets at the intersection of food and the brain....It's been too long since my neuroscience class in college. Is it serotonin? Endorphins? Regardless, we're not eating because we're in need of calories. That's long since done. Thanksgiving is about the emotion behind the food -- the guilt, the love, the gratefulness and the why-don't-you-call-more-oftenness all whipped into the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole, at least if you're from 'round here.

So I don't like reading these reminders of the devestation on the Gulf. Shawn Lea tells the human toll well and hits me where I need does need to be in my face. It is my problem. Guess I can't keep being a John Donne fan if I can't deal.

In my neighborhood within the past couple of weeks, two people were murdered. While my neighborhood is urban, random violent crime is rare enough that these incidents have jolted the entire community. And when you imagine the deaths of a 15-year-old and a 33-year-old, just like that, in an instant, again, we get back to a more elemental meaning of Thanksgiving. Today is a gift. What did you do with it? What if this is the last one you get? Did you do everything you needed to? I don't get into the sappy quotes -- hey, that's my sisters' realm ;) -- but on some level, I can move beyond my cynicism and look at the basics.

So this weekend, here's what I'm doing:
* Spending time with the family.
* Eating (back to the brain chemicals, but have I mentioned my mother's golden baked potatoes? No? Recipe to follow.)
* That's about it.

Blessings to you and peace on this holiday weekend.


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