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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The problem is what to call it

I looked around this a.m. and saw that I had a butternut squash, a sweet potato and an onion. Sometimes, I just can just look at the ingredients and taste the finished dish, and instantly know how to get from here to there. This was one of those times. I have had all of these items for more than a week, bought them separately, with no particular purpose at the time, but it all came together this morning.

I will say that this is an expensive and time-consuming way to cook. I am certain that I waste a lot of food because its companion ingredients never show up at the same time. And likewise, I end up running out to the store because I don't have sour cream when I need it, or whatever. This is part of why I have such an enormous pantry -- I have a compulsion to have as much as possible on hand at any given time, because I rarely know what I'm going to cook before I cook it.

Oh, I've tried. My whole life. I live and die by my Franklin planner, and I have the menu pages. I can't use them. Sometimes I even write out a weekly menu and purchase the ingredients. It ends up only having a tangential relationship to what I cook that week, of course.

At any rate, back to today. I peeled and cut up the squash [does anyone recommend a knife that easily peels and cuts a butternut? I will pay any price.], sweet potato and onion into 1-inch chunks. I heated the oven up to the 425 degree range.

I spread the veggies out on a cookie sheet I'd sprayed with Pam, and drizzled just a bit of olive oil on them. It was less than 1/4 cup, I feel like. I also sprinkled them with some dried basil, oregano and thyme. And salt and pepper.

I roasted them til they were browning and cooked, stirring them several times.

Then I scraped the whole pan into my soup pot and just covered them with chicken broth. I simmered them for probably an hour total, adding more broth several times. I probably ended up using about 1 1/2 c. I added some garlic -- several cloves -- near the end.

When everything was really mushy and starting to fall apart, I pureed in the food processor. If you'd been coming for dinner, I would have kept going til it was really smooth. But I'm planning to eat all this myself :) so I just de-chunked it. Then I added maybe 1 cup of milk, warmed the whole thing up and ate.

It's delicious.

As I say above, the only problem is, what do you call it? Butternut squash sweet potato soup does not roll off the tongue.


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Allison said...

I do not know how we are related. I never ever cook like this. It sounds great. But I'm totally a by-the-recipe girl. So you should make sure to blog about all your great spontaneous recipes, so those of us who are, um, creatively challenged in the kitchen can enjoy also!

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Mariah said...

How about something Autumn Harvest Potage? Whatever you call it, it sounds great - I am definately going to have to try it!

Bonne cuisine!


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Mariah - I was thinking of something along those very lines, but "Autumn Harvest Potage" is definitely more eloquent than my efforts at naming your new soup. It sounds delicious...Keep up the good work!

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Laura Creekmore said...

OK winner is this, and thanks to Aunt Judy who was participating in person instead of online: Butternut Gumbo.


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