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Friday, August 26, 2005

Tortilla soup

About 10 years ago, my old boss and I used to walk across the street to this little deli located in the garage of an office building there. The whole setup was really very odd. I wonder how she ever even knew about the place but I never asked her that. Anyway, the lady who ran the deli made some of the most delicious lunch food -- and cheap! -- I've ever had. She would deliver occasionally, but it was easiest to go to her. She was a little quirky.

One of the best things she had was tortilla soup. We asked her one day how she made it and I couldn't believe how simple it was. Ever since, I have used this recipe. It is very flexible. It's one that you can't screw up. I proved it again tonight; got started making it and discovered I had no chicken broth. I REALLY did not feel like thawing the chicken I had just to make broth; that is overkill for this little soup.

But I found the last of the turkey broth from last year in the freezer and that worked out great. Very flavorful.

Tortilla Soup
With credits to the luncheon lady from 10 years ago

* Brown a chopped onion in a dutch oven in a bit of olive or canola oil
* Add some pressed garlic to your taste -- I did about 4 cloves tonight, but they were very fresh and so not too strong
* Add between 1 pt. and 1 quart chicken broth -- Start with a pint and add more later once you see how the other ingredients do
* 1 can diced tomatoes
* 1 small can green chiles [I drain this]
* 1 cup or so corn
* 1 t. cumin
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Chopped cooked chicken, if you like

I add the chicken sometimes and not others. Depends on what I feel like.

I usually end up using around a quart of chicken broth but you could go a little more, little less.

Cook over medium [not boiling] for about 20 minutes, until all is hot.

Serve with tortilla chips and colby jack cheese.


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