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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I understand these people

I'm working from home this afternoon waiting on one of the parade of repairmen who've been wandering through my new home for the past six weeks. So I'm listening to NPR while I work. And I heard this AWESOME story on the Manhattan grillers. (Audio available here tonight.)

If you are unaware, it's illegal to grill in Manhattan. To grill outside that is. But everyone seems to do so. And this piece on NPR talks to folks who stake out the best spots in Morningside Park every weekend to bring their contraband grills to have their feasts. One guy even keeps an oil drum grill in storage and hauls it out every weekend.

I have really been missing my grill since I moved. I still have it -- I just can't use it yet. My new house, great though it is, doesn't have gas service. When the stove, water heater or HVAC dies, Nashville Gas will run me a gas line for free and then I'll be back in business. If I paid to run the line....well you don't want to know.

I certainly don't want to WAIT for my water heater to die, based on the horror stories I've heard from coworkers in recent years with flooded homes. So I've put that on the list to replace myself as soon as I have a little extra cash. [For the record, has anyone in the history of the world ever actually had "a little extra cash"?]

Until then, no grilling here either.


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