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Fixin' Supper

Talkin' 'bout what to fix for supper. Tonight, tomorrow night....

Monday, April 25, 2005

My favorite easy supper

I find myself at least a couple nights a week scrambling for dinner ideas at the last minute. I get home late and open the fridge, seeing which foodstuffs seem most like ingredients right at that moment. Sometimes the answer is "none." But some nights, I have just the right mix of items, and the result is risotto.

I first learned to make risotto out of Cooking Light maybe 10 years ago, maybe 12. For a long time, I thought it was one of those dishes that you had to make right according to instructions. I don't know if that first recipe I had was particularly hard. But after a long time, I finally started messing with it. Then I realized risotto is actually an infinitely flexible recipe. Start with the arborio, butter and seasonings, and then think of what you like to eat. Add it. A little broth and wine, it's done. Mmm.

Last week I had some onions, mushrooms and peppers. Easy and I'm eating my veggies, Mom!


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