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Friday, April 01, 2005

Grocery shopping

Yay for sitting at the computer on a Saturday. This DRASTICALLY increases the odds that I'll turn in my Plumgood Food order and get to eat next week. For the uninitiated, this grocery-delivery revolution that hit Nashville a few months ago has changed my life. You visit the Plumgood Food website, you order the food, and it shows up at your door a couple days later. Or your office, wherever you say.

As you might suspect, it's not perfect. Here are the downsides to Plumgood:

  • It is more expensive than going to Kroger. I dispensed with this problem quickly, since I hate Kroger so much that I quit going there a long time ago, even if it is cheap. More on that below.
  • Since PGF is organically oriented, you won't find things like, say, Heinz ketchup. Or Hellman's mayo. Or Velveeta. For the most part, this means you eat better. However, as we all know, sometimes you're hit by a mad craving for cheese, and nothing but the real thing will do.
  • And the real problem: you have to freakin' remember to turn in your order on time, or you get no grub.

Now, there is this very nice feature on PGF called "add to my standing order." Perhaps if I had more than 1.5 people living in my house, I'd have more stuff I'd need to order every week -- and thus a larger standing order. As it is, my standing order is small, and I add different stuff to it each time to round out a full order. [PGF delivers when you hit $30, and you can pick up at their Cannery Row warehouse when you reach $20.] Instead, I often find myself doing the slap-the-forehead routine on Sunday a.m., realizing I missed the Saturday midnight cutoff AGAIN, and will have to [horrors] schlep out to the store.

Why is grocery shopping so abhorrent to me?

  • Despite having many great grocery options [Publix, Harris Teeter, even a Fresh Market], there's just one great one near me: The Turnip Truck. It is a locally owned natural foods market. It is wonderful and I shop there as much as possible. However, it also suffers from the Heniz ketchup/Hellman's issue, and has a smaller selection than PGF overall.
  • I am a single mom, work fulltime, and volunteer with every waking hour I'm not engaged in the first two activities. I'll hand you my calendar and you find time for shopping.
  • And perhaps the real reason, I got ruined for life growing up. My dad owned a grocery store. He took over from my grandparents. It was a great store, and so I know how a grocery store should be run. I also spent all my childhood vacations touring grocery stores across the nation, wherever we happened to be that summer, so I've seen what's out there. I know that what we have in my neighborhood, aside from TTT, ain't it.

All right. Enough on that for now. Got to go order the food so I'l have something to eat and write about next week.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Bill said...

grocery shopping is kind of like browsing thru high-end catalogs - i see these things and imagine things i might do with them, then opt for what's quick, easy, practical and most of the time reasonably nutritious, as we understand it today. I won't say I wouldn't try it, but shopping for food via internet is like pressing my face against the glass of a restaurant. To be fair, with your schedule, I probably should do nety shopping, esp. if I had a child. But since I am a very early morning person with no kids, I do most of my shopping before very many people even have breakfast. But I have never gotten over living in NYC, where I could get fruit at a special place, bread somewhere else, coffee another and so on.

At 6:21 AM, Blogger tom naka said...

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