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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Eating at a nice Italian place for once

Nashville has plenty of nice restaurants but we just don't have great Italian on every corner. So on Thursday in New York, my sister asked if I wanted to eat Italian and I didn't wait for her to offer a second option. We walked to 'Cesca on the Upper West Side, not too many blocks from her apartment. The atmostphere is lovely. It has beautiful wood paneling, deep cushy seats, a nice wait staff and good wine.

I took pics of our dinner but I forgot to bring my camera. I am not pleased with the way my Treo 650 takes pictures in a dark restaurant. Ha!! What kind of complaint is that? I guess if that's the worst thing I can find to say about it, I'd best shut up.

We had some roasted mushrooms for appetizers. I think our love of mushrooms comes from early and repeated exposure as children. They've got to be one of our mother's top five favorite foods. At any rate, these came in a crockery dish with a cream sauce. Delicious!

For dinner I selected a roasted chicken with ricotta gnocchi. The gnocchi were more cheese than pasta -- just a sort of complement to the chicken, vegetables and sauce. It's not the kind of dish I usually order but I did like it. I waited so long to post this that I forgot what Allie had. Hopefully she'll post it.

Overall, I liked this restaurant but I won't say it was my favorite New York restaurant ever. And I guess that would be a hard honor to win, even though I haven't been to New York that many times in my life. But I can definitely recommend it if you're looking for Italian on the Upper West Side.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Allison said...

I waited far too long to comment on this post. It was indeed a fabulous dinner, but I can't remember the details of my dinner, other than my entree was tuna. I must credit my coworker Geoff for the restaurant recommendation -- he's constantly in the know about great places to eat in the city.

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