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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Serious Cheese Fetish

There's a girl at my office who's stopped eating cheese. Completely. Now, I cannot in any way relate to this dietary restriction. Or fathom why you'd consider it unless your physician said, "If you eat one more bite of cheese, you'll die tomorrow." I do try to keep my cheese obsession somewhat under control, but for some reason, today I came home totally craving it. So here's what I had to do:

• Make Rotel. I didn't even have Rotel itself, just salsa and Velveeta. It tastes a little different but still good. I am kind of mad at myself about this one, because when I bought the Velveeta at Costco last month, I thought, if I buy this, I'll just make Rotel. If I don't buy it, I'll never need it. And you see what happened.

* Make cheese bread. Now this is a great recipe. I would share it but I've decided I'm in the middle of messing with it. Once this came out of the oven, I realized that could I have waited, it would have solved the whole cheese craving on its own. But when you're struck with a fetish, it's hard to wait.

This cheese bread recipe is an adaptation of one I started making in 4-H in 7th grade. When I get done messing with it, I'll let you know how I've changed it. A long time ago, I started trying to substitute for the Bixmix, so that I didn't have to run to the store just to make this bread. I still don't feel I've got it quite right. It's a little too, well, greasy. But the underlying flavor is awesome. There are ways that it's better than the original too. Just a few more tweaks....


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