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Fixin' Supper

Talkin' 'bout what to fix for supper. Tonight, tomorrow night....

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Going out of state for supper

I'm at SXSW for the next few days. Never been here before but it's great to be here in Austin. What a great city. #1, it's March and the high temperature today was around 82. Tell me that's not perfect. My coworker and friend Summer and I did discover that signage related to parking is less than ideal, but otherwise, the trip is great so far. [Summer lives here.]

Well of course one nice part about this trip is getting to eat at all these great restaurants that Summer has been telling me about for years. I didn't eat lunch on purpose and arrived starving today around 2 p.m. We went straight to Katz's Deli. Awesome homemade potato chips and fried pickles. Plus sandwiches. I will say that though I've never tried to make fried pickles myself, I'm going to give folks the benefit of the doubt and say that it must not be easy. Because I've had some bad ones in my life. Greasy, soggy, you name it. But these today -- divine. I could have eaten the whole plate. I managed not to.

Then we went to SXSW and heard a great speaker, Jason Fried of 37signals. This guy, he's a genius. His philosophy dovetails dead-on with what we do at work, and his applications are solid. [Do we ALL think that people who agree with us are brilliant? I guess we must. But really, he is.] But back to the food.

We went to the Hula Hut for dinner with Summer's husband Cole and our boss Rex, who's also here. While we ate out by the river, Cole was trying to explain to us why the Colorado River is called "Lake Austin" and "Town Lake" here in Austin. Now I haven't yet figured out why [surely I learned this at some point in school?] but it's not the SAME river as THE Colorado River. These Texans are something else. Maybe they also have a Tennessee River and a Mississippi River running around here. I'll check. I'm also trying to figure out why the "Hula Hut" serves Tex Mex, but it was great. I had roasted chicken enchiladas.

After dinner we headed for Amy's, the Austin ice-cream institution. I was too stuffed from our earlier exploits to have any, but I snuck a bite of Summer's cinnamon and graham-cracker ice cream. It was a lot fresher tasting than any other mix-in ice cream I've ever had before. No chemical aftertaste. Yum. Must eat less tomorrow to make room for ice cream.


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Cole said...

No, you're right. It's not THE Colorado River. If I'm not mistaken, it's actually the Little Colorado River. And as far as I know, there's no Mississippi River or Tennessee River. That should save you from having to check...

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Laura Creekmore said...

Whew. Thanks for clearing that up. It was funny to read about the same meal on your blog.


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