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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The County Line

My last night in Austin I went out with a friend of mine from college. He has lived there for several years and gave me a great tour of town, all around UT [enormous!], up Mount Bonnell, through West Lake Hills, neat neighborhoods in downtown and to several great views of the river that runs through town.

We wrapped up at the County Line, another barbecue restaurant that is inexplicably not near the county line. Again, an amazing variety of meat called "barbecue." But it was very good. I had the chicken and turkey. I actually think my favorite part of the whole meal was the appetizer: jalepeno jack poppers. Monterey Jack cheese, laced with jalepenos, breaded and fried. A little ranch dressing for dipping....mmmm.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Just Kurios said...

I've actually ate at the County Line in Austin and thought it was very good, but as you have a Memphis style BBQ preference, I have a Texas style BBQ preference, I guess that comes from growing up in south Louisiana where the BBQ tends to be more Texas style.

Good eats!

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