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Monday, February 21, 2005

Barbecue snobbery

I grew up in West Tennessee. It's one of those parts of the country that regards itself as the home of the best barbecue, period. The unfortunate part of having grown up with such a rich culinary heritage comes only if you move away from home. When I came to Nashville as a college student, I quickly discovered there wasn't much barbecue here to compare to well, everywhere back home. So I don't eat it nearly as often as I'd like.

Two places in particular meet my West Tennessee standards: Whitt's and Hog Heaven. Now for some reason, Whitt's serves their sandwiches with mayo and just have to ask to get them without that nonsense and WITH their awesome vinegar sauce instead. Slaw is up to you.

Tonight we had to run an errand to Target....and evening errands to Target mean Whitt's for dinner. Mmm.

I was trying to explain to the 5-year-old about the Memphis in May BBQ contest. She understood that folks would come together and cook BBQ all weekend. But when I said that someone would be judged to be the best, she said, "I don't like that plan. Everyone else's feelings will be hurt." It's this New Age mumbo-jumbo they're teaching our kids now....winning is negative.

Trust me: in BBQ, there is a winner. And they're in West Tennessee. They use vinegar-based sauce. And the meat is tender but not mealy or mushy. It's a fine line.

Maybe she needs to see the men in pig outfits to properly understand the merits of BBQ competition?


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Cole said...

Now that you've had some good Texas BBQ does your theory about West TN BBQ still hold true? :-)

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Laura Creekmore said...


At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Larry said...

A comment from Laura's dad: I was the proud sponsor one year of a team that competed in the Memphis in May Bar-be-que Contest. My team was called "The Pig Stickers". Some people say that Mardi Gras is the wildest party ever; other say it is Time Square on New Years Eve. But, folks, you ain't partied until you have spent a weekend on the bank of the Mighty Mississippi cooking bar-be-que, eating, drinking, and well you get the picture. Laura is right about the bar-be-que. Pulled pork or pork ribs. It doesn't get any better than good ole West Tennessee Bar-be-que.


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